What makes an artist an artist?

Setting apart a performer from an artist in the world of music is as pointless as debating which came first – the chicken or the egg.  The simple answer is, we don’t know, because ultimately what makes an artist an artist is completely down to interpretation. But that shouldn’t stop us from giving it the consideration it deserves.

The inspiration for this questionable matter was sparked from an article published by NME  (you can read the article here).  The piece reported on a comment made by a member of The Vaccines, the indie rock band who stormed into the UK music industry last year with their debut album, ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’. Freddie Cowan, the band’s guitarist conveyed that pop princess Rihanna is not a real artist because she doesn’t write her own music.

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RIP Tinkerbell


If you own a pet, you’re obviously aware of how significant they are to you and your life; particularly if they have been there for what seems like forever. Even though they’re quite often off exploring and doing their own thing, their presence is monumental, life isn’t quite right without them, you’d always feel like there is something missing.

I myself have never had a proper pet – the furthest I got was a goldfish which I had for roughly 5 years before it died and was flushed down the toilet. But in spite of my inexperience I know that the relationship a person and a pet share is like no other – it is unique in every instance and nothing is remotely close to it, nothing can replace it. So when that relationship is lost, when that bond is broken, or when that thread tying the two of you together snaps, it is unfathomable to understand how that must feel.

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“Those who say the music of today isn’t as good as it used to be aren’t looking hard enough”

I recently heard the quote above articulated by a friend of a friend and I thought it was outstanding. The quality of the way music used to be and the way it is today is something of a neverending debate, primarily because it is based upon when you were born, your taste in music and the type of music you grew up listening to.

I’m a ’90s kid. I was born in 1992 and grew up listening to the likes of Spice Girls, Steps, S Club 7, 5ive, Britney…the list goes on. This was the kind of music which made me feel happy and want to dance around my bedroom using a hairbrush as a microphone (don’t judge, we’ve all done it – some more than others). And now over a decade has passed and hearing those songs still has that same effect; the nostalgia of being a kid and wanting that precious time back again is overwhelming.

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A bit of a ramble

I have recently discovered, according to my “blog stats”, that the majority of my audience are Russian. So, hello Russian readers. I don’t know any Russian I’m afraid, but I appreciate you dropping by.

I’m not sure what this blog post is actually going to be about yet, so I’m just going with the flow as I type. The last week has been a bit of a slow one. I’m currently sat in my room wearing old clothes, drinking coffee and being miserable because I am ill. This, according to general consensus, is what you do when you’re ill. You mope. You slob around the house feeling sorry for yourself because you feel rubbish through no fault of your own (contrasted with, for instance, if you got drunk the night before). You can’t face eating, you just want to sleep all day and all night until the horrible yucky feeling goes away and leaves you in peace. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to sleep so the yucky feeling is still here and probably intending to hang around for a bit longer. Not for too long though, I hope.

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Today we returned from our holiday in Center Parcs! I am exhausted, bruised, battered, aching all over the place but I had the most brilliant 5 days, and would definitely love to do it all over again.

This time we went to Elveden in Suffolk, as we’ve never been to that one before so thought we’d give it a go. I was definitely not keen on returning to Longleat after the last time, I did actually want to have a holiday which I would enjoy and going back there would certainly not allow that to happen. So hence our choice of Elveden, which we had heard was much flatter than Longleat and a bit smaller, so it was slightly more compact with less people.

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