My new best mate is a piece of technology

At lunch time today I finished a book for the first time in about two and a half years, and I couldn’t have been happier. I practically skipped back to the office.

And while this might sound pathetic, and calls me out as being probably one of the worst literature graduates of all time, I really couldn’t care less. BECAUSE I FINISHED A BOOK.

The book in question was Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, best described as a funny, fascinating insight into the 21st century dating scene – a bit like his Netflix show, Master of None. Modern Romance is packed with hilarious quips, lots of food chat, surprising stats, graphs and stories contributed by everyday, ordinary people from all over the world. It covers everything from how dating has changed and the impact technology has had on modern romance, to finding our soulmates, sexting, open relationships, and cheating… and it’s super interesting.

And as much as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I’ll admit that it wasn’t just the book that had me gripped. It was in fact this little guy (see photo below), which I’ve now had in my possession for just over a week, and I would probably go as far to say that it is my new best friend.

Until recently, I had always disliked the idea of Kindles. I’d heard that the experience of using one just isn’t the same as reading a proper book, with the soft feel of paper pages and the smooth finish of a well-illustrated cover.

In fact, when Kindles came into being in 2007, by that time I had kind of gone off the idea of reading altogether ­– it was only something I associated with homework, essay-writing and exams, ugh. Don’t need to be reminded of that, thank you.

My opinion only changed when I visited Cornwall with my boyfriend, Michael and his family earlier this year – sitting on the beach and with nothing to read one afternoon, Michael could see I was bored so kindly lent me his Kindle. He showed me what to do (press this button and read the words on the screen), and before I knew it I was off, flying through the pages at a pace I hadn’t managed since Twilight (yeah, alright, don’t act like you didn’t read it, too).

This is lovely, I thought, and how easy it is. I didn’t have to faff around with balancing a book on my lap whilst attempting to hold it open, or remind myself which page I was on when I was finished – no need for bookmarks at all. It was just a really simple way to read, and I had become hooked.

And so I was pretty damn delighted when Michael gave me my very own Kindle as an anniversary gift last Wednesday. He’d hoped it would help with my “lack of reading problem” (and as an avid bookworm, I think he did see it as a problem), and I, too, hoped he was right. After all, every normal human instinctively wants to play with their new toy (no euphemism intended here), and getting to grips with this gadget only meant one thing: I would have to read.

Oh boy, I read. I read and read and read. And it felt fantastic, because I was back to doing the thing I really loved doing as a kid, and it wasn’t at all forced or strenuous. Reading a book had become a hobby again, like the easiest thing in the world, and a welcome escape from my dull humdrum commute.

I started my paperback copy of Modern Romance back in October 2016, and only one week ago I was a mere 25% of the way through. Now in just six days, I’ve finished it, and I’m so so happy.

So… what next? I have The Martian, Jane Austen’s Emma, Red Rising and The Host on my list so far – among others – but new suggestions are more than welcome!

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