Learning to love bath time

Magazine journalists are sent free stuff all the time, but working in education publishing means you usually only end up with stacks upon stacks of children’s books. Don’t get me wrong – most of them are lovely (and especially useful when you have an eight-year-old godson), but they’re not exactly the sort of thing I can stick on Instagram and brag about my hot-shot #workperks.

This said, a few weeks ago I received two samples of bath oil from a company called Olverum. I’m usually less than convinced by the hype around baths – not that I’m opposed to maintaining good personal hygiene, of course, but I do often think they’re overrated. I just don’t have time to sit there and wallow in a big tub of water. Give me a short and sweet ten-minute shower any day.

And it’s not just lack of time that’s an issue – I  actually find baths pretty boring. It doesn’t seem to matter how many fancy bath bomb things I throw in or which music I put on to get me in the mood; five minutes in and I’m ready to get out again. Sometimes I even clock-watch to make sure that a decent amount of time has passed in said bath, so I don’t feel bad for wasting all that water.

But in spite of these hang-ups, I was excited to receive my free bottles of bath oil from Olverum in the post, and they did smell really good. Their PR had assured me that they possessed ‘destressing qualities’ that would help me relax and sleep better. So last night I gave them a go.



The two bottles I received came in cute little boxes with instructions on the back, with a statement that told me the oils would “bring [me] back to [my] complete and natural self.” They had me intrigued.

Olverum suggests you use a third of the bottle, which I’d say was about right providing you’re keen on the smell of lavender – I found the scent fairly powerful, so anymore than this would have been too much for me. The oil itself is really smooth and has a gorgeous texture, but pours out quite quickly, so watch you don’t throw the whole lot in by accident.

As for the bath itself, I genuinely found the whole experience a lot more enjoyable than normal – the lavender scent really added to the ambience of a classic Sunday-night pamper, and I actually felt… relaxed?! Could this be possible?

I also had a really great sleep that night – and while this could have been a factor of returning from quite an adventurous holiday that weekend, I’d also like to think it was actually the dreamy lavender-scented Olverum oil working its magic, and I was thankful for the chance to chill out and properly unwind before bed, which is something I rarely do.

Am I now a bath convert? Don’t hold your breath – showers have my heart and there’s little that can be done to come between us. But will I be using Olverum again? I’d certainly say so… just give me a free half-an-hour and a good book, and I’m there.


Olverum Bath Oil is available from £26 at Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick, and can also be purchased online at olverum.com.

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