Happy June! Now it is officially summer (well, sort of – it officially kicks off on 21st June but let’s for the sake of it, pretend that it is), any normal, sane person would expect the sun to be shining, the BBQs to be sizzling in gardens, the air to smell of flowers and cut grass, the trees to be blossoming beautifully, people to be smiling, laughing, and having a great time.

Well, that was certainly the case last week. But considering I live in the UK, a.k.a. land of ever changing and unpredictable weather, someone, I don’t know who, has decided to smack a few great big clouds over the top of our glorious island, and thus the rainy summer days have begun.

Yes, I’m afraid if you were expecting a bit of a happy, chirpy blog writing from me this afternoon, you are greatly mistaken. Because in fact, I’m in a very bad mood and in definite need of a rant. So if you’re already depressed by my solemn and grumpy attitude, then it’s perhaps best to stop reading, and to go and do something much more productive and positive with your time.

I should also probably mention that my first year at Uni is in fact over, which is very bizarre considering it feels like I’ve only just started. And, if I must be honest, right now I’m wishing I was still there. I have been home all of 3 days, and for 2 of these days I have had stupid, ridiculous and tiresome arguments with my Mum which I cannot even be bothered to go into, that’s how stupid and ridiculous and tiresome they are.

Living in a house with an atmosphere so tense you could cut it with a butter knife is not the best feeling, and right now I’d very much like to re-pack my bags and get on the next train back to Uni. But that won’t solve anything, especially considering it’s raining and I don’t want to go outside, and also – this house has food and my Uni house doesn’t. Therefore, I should probably stay where I won’t starve to death, or have the temptation to order absurd amounts of Dominos pizza and munch them in front of the telly. So I’m going to stick it out here, for the next 4 months. I’m not sure I’ll make it out the other side. But there’s no harm in trying. Right?

Also in the news, this morning at 10:30 am, my best friend jumped on a flight to San Francisco and won’t be returning for another 4 months. This is another reason why I’m feeling very down in the dumps. She’s going to work at Camp America in North California, and I’m so incredibly excited for her, but I’m going to miss her very very much.

And finally, the most significant news of the weekend has to be that it has been 60 years since the Queen’s Coronation i.e. The Diamond Jubilee. I’m a bit of a sucker for Royal events – I loved the Royal Wedding last year so I was ecstatic for this year’s patriotic celebration. Though, to be honest, it’s been a teeny bit pants so far.

Yesterday was the parade in town, which as ever was shockingly bad with hardly anyone turning up, and those that did need not have bothered because it lasted about 5 minutes. It rained through the whole thing, so everyone was slightly damp by the end. There was also a funfair on at East Court, which is this massive public park near my house with a playground and mansion for the town council, and huge fields around it. We shouldn’t have bothered turning up there either, as it was very boring. Then again, being boring is one of East Grinstead’s top talents, so in retrospect it was actually very successful.

The funfair continued onto today, but after the row I’ve just had with my mother, I very much doubt we’ll be doing any kind of celebrating/spending time together until one of us apologises. Admittedly, I did try to about 10 minutes ago but I just got another earful so I quickly made myself a coffee and ran back up to my room to hide for a bit longer.

I think I’ve vented for as long as I needed to now. It does make you feel much better getting it out of your system. Although, while I’m feeling a bit better, I’ve probably made everyone else feel a bit worse. Sorry, but I commend you all for an admirable sacrifice on my behalf.

Happy Diamond Jubilee!

Nats. X

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