Hi world.

I’ve just arrived back at University from being at home for a month on my Easter holidays. It went far too quickly, and I’m already a bit homesick, which, to be honest, is pretty bad. I’m 19, I need to man the hell up and stop whining. I’m going back in 5 weeks so I should suck it up and be strong. It probably won’t happen, but it’s nice to give myself a bit of motivation.

The Easter holidays were fantastic. I saw my friends, I saw my family, I lost my mobile, I got my mobile replaced. I went to the cinema, I went to Croydon, I went to the pub (several times), I went to see my favourite band in the entire world in Hammersmith. I laughed. I cried. I fell over (several times, and not just while drunk). I’ve worn ridiculous clothes (many thanks to my close “friend” Daisy Ottman for that one). The one thing, I regrettably have to admit that I haven’t done, is work.

But I’m back now, ready to crack on, take the bull by the horns, etc. etc…. Although, admittedly, I have been awake for the best part of 6 hours, and I am still yet to actually get anything productive done, other than help my housemate unpack his shopping, break the shower, and write this blog.

Tonight, I’m going to a St. George’s Day themed party for my friend’s birthday. It should be quite interesting, although I’m a bit anxious about how the evening will pan out. First of all, my friend is putting the guys and girls into pairs, so each ‘damsel in distress’ (that would be the girls) has a ‘knight’ (that would be the guys) to take care of her all night. And yet in all honesty, I’ve been having a quick stalk on Facebook of the guys attending this thing, and quite frankly, I’m unimpressed. And while three of my best guy mates have been invited as well, two of them are boyfriend and boyfriend, and have asked to be paired up together, and the other one is no longer going. So I, no doubt, will be stuck with winner of least attractive man of the year award who has more spots than a dot to dot puzzle and a face which looks like it’s been hit by a bus. Wonderful.


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